5 tips for being Successful with Men

Women usually seat back and allow men to make the first moves when it comes to dating. Well, there is no offense in doing that; however this might not be the case always. Taking the advantage of men’s confidence and their personality of knowing what they need around women is a natural factor which many women should adhere to. Sorry to say, today some men lack confidence; to make it worse they might even be shy to express themselves to women even if they happen to meet that lady of their choice. This is normal. At this point, women need to show up, and associate themselves in a suggestive way. It works, it can make that man to stand up and try their luck even if it’s by making shyly moves. That means women also have a role in forming relationships. If you don’t know how, and you are that woman who want to have that success with men, kindly read on…

Appearance (Nurture yourself)

If there is something men would consider first before dating a lady, is a woman’s appearance. All men would love to be associated with women who are nurtured, admirable and good looking. They are tempted to make evocative advances to such women, even if they never intended to. A good appearance can be breath-taking to men. All you need to do is to nurture yourself and get to that man you are dying to have. Irrespective of his shyness or lack of confidence he will not resist falling for you.


Having confidence is paramount if you need to be success with men. Women who know, love, and value themselves and are very much confident in all this-they are the women men would want to have. If you have these qualities, then be ready to receive honor and respect from men. Who does not want honor and respect from men? Everyone here would love to be treated with honor from a man; the feeling is awesome. You can simply attain this through confidence. Try it and you will consent to this fact.

Be positive

Being positive when it comes to your relationship, will make you have success with men. This means you need to be spirited, independent and strong. Always focus on what you think is true and good for you and the man you are dating or want to date. This might sound mild, but it is one of the best ways to have the right man by your side.

Give him a chance-don’t be too picky

Men love it when they are given that chance to make decisions. You do not need to be too picky to get and keep a man. Prioritize his needs and give him chance to make decisions. Men fear women who will push or be more demanding. In such a scenario, they will quit before you know it. Only take it easy and give them chance to make decisions.

Never give up

Why should you give up in what you want to get anyway? Remember, before you become success with men, you will have to learn a lot. Some of these lessons might be discouraging; however, since you are focused and positive, you should always give a second chance for that special person. Men are human beings and not angels, they might make mistake even on the first date. This does not mean such a man is not the right one; don’t make haste in eliminating him from your life, correct it on the spot and move on, you never know what tomorrow has for you.


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