How to be successful with women using body langauge

What is the biggest secret that attracts women to men? You think it is income? You think it is looks? You think it is age? The biggest secret that attracts women is the body communication. Around 90 percent of the communication is done through body language. Body language has almost instant feedback from the signals sent to people around you. Further, the changes in the body language are subtle and small but tricky at times.

In most cases, women send out body signals to men they like. Since women communicates frequently using body language, knowing how to use it puts you in a higher notch than a person who does not understand body language at all.

How to use body language to attract women

Firstly, ensure that you have the right posture that is confident and relaxed. Stand up tall and straight and relax body. Avoid being tense, develop a feel good mood. Smile a lot naturally as you progress through your day. Women are attracted to men who are more playful and have a positive attitude towards life.
Always maintain a strong eye contact with woman you are interested in. your eye contact should not be intimidating but rather powerful, strong and soft. Learn to smile while maintaining an eye contact with a woman. When you maintain an eye contact and smile to a woman and she smiles back, it means you are invited to have a conversation with her.
Rules for using body language to attract women

The first rule is gesture; maintain decisive eye movements, a confident sitting posture and tidy clothing as a sign of confident and security.
The second rule is domination; try to feel comfortable when mingling with women and avoid guarding against other here or becoming dodgy. Be steady in all the movements that you make and hold a decisive conversation.

The third rule is to learn how to get into the space of a woman; do not try to go deeper into the personal life of a woman during conversation. Staying close to her and maintaining body contact will be a sign of maturity and self confident. Have flirty movements like cheeky and playful poke, light hand touches and a hip check. This will communicate to a woman that you are ready to explore the space that she occupies.
Body language secrets

Open yourself – do not cross your legs or arms when meeting a woman. Crossing your arms or legs sends a signal that you are a closed off person.
Walking posture – maintain a great posture when walking like a straight back and a head tilted up a bit. Bring the shoulders back and stick the chest out.
Be indifferent and calm – always be in control of your life or situation not showing too much emotion in any given moment. Maintain a clam posture.
Tonality – do not talk too fast as this will indicate that you are embarrassed to talk. Always talk slowly so as to have time to be in control of what you are talking about and avoid stuttering.
Movement – maintain a confident movement posture. Walk slowly and make controlled movements. Avoid fidgeting with your fingers or maintaining a restless leg posture.

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