Sex or Chocolate?

New poll reveals that French women prefer chocolate over sex…    women

For most of us, being asked to choose between sex and chocolate is an exercise we’d much rather avoid, because most women are just naturally predisposed to wanting both, and if both sex and chocolate are there for the taking, we will in all likely-hood indulge in both. That’s just our wiring. But let’s just say you were pressed for an answer and you really-really had to choose just one from the two, which one would you choose? Would it be chocolate or sex?

A new poll in France has revealed that French women are more likely to choose chocolate over sex. These results are surprising if you consider that in a bygone time, chocolate had to be advertised in the media as being “better than sex” or “as good as sex” for it to sell. Nowadays though, the majority of women in France consider chocolate a lot more gratifying than sex.

Researchers in France have suggested that French women’s preference for chocolate over sex in the poll does not necessarily speak to the fact that chocolate is just simply better than sex. Researchers attribute the results of the chocolate or sex poll on women preferring chocolate because chocolate has never hurt anyone. Unlike sex, chocolate does not come with all the baggage that so often arises from sex.

What is clear is that French women prefer chocolate over sex, because chocolate is simple and it’s good. Sometimes it’s just as good as sex, but without all the other stuff that comes with sex and relationships.

French men on the other hand have revealed in the same sex or chocolate poll that as far as they are concerned, it is sex over chocolate, which is understandable if you consider that for most men, sex tends to not be as complicated or as tricky as it is for wome

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