3 tips for a better self esteem

Some Tips to strengthen confidence and raising self-esteem:
1.stop pleasing  others – most of us have not ever encountered a situation where we run other named Nice “. We want to be nice and be good to everyone and everything will be quiet around us. This is an amazing approach to life. We want to be just good all around but we did not take into account the other side, sometimes you have to put it on the table and be nice. There are times that because we are nice too that we casualties or injuries that close to us.
Sometimes we are asked to do something but we do not have time for that, and anyway we agree, then we start to do what we have promised and get annoyed at those who asked us to do it ourselves on this and we agreed to it. To recognize when the time is right to do things for others and when this is not the right time to do things for others.

2. You don’t have to be perfect! – One of the things that stop us from moving forward in this perfectionism. In the past I had to finish every book I started, and the books were boring I told myself that I must finish them and just wasted more time and more time to read something that I did not like and connects to it and bored me instead to move on and learn other things and to leverage my time much better, until I realized that I am a perfectionist and it’s time to tell my perfectionism order to more adequately. So when you need to use it and when not to and it just inhibits me from succeeding, just give it up. Someone once said, “The best is the enemy of the good” that if we search all the best time we do not start with the best and have to start with something to succeed.

3. Compliment yourself from time to time – we all need a shot of energy from time to time and we can also inject her own. You can look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you and you are a special person. You have no reason to be like the others, but be yourself.

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